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We are comprehensive, complex testing
end evaluation services to our clients

Why CannabiLab?

We are comprehensive, complex testing and evaluation services to our clients. You can stand as small domestic producer or large international distributor. The principle is the same: you need get your products tested and certified.

We are EN ISO/IEC 17025 compliant

We are accredited laboratory in accordance to EN ISO/17025 standard. We have long time history on broad spectrum testing. Our key staff is highly skilled professionals, trained in sampling and analytical testing. We use the most advantageous analytical techniques of world leading players.

We are fast

We do majority of testing immediately after their delivery, without any delays.

Our major tests (potency testing) are done within 1-2 days, including reporting.

Testing of pesticides takes longer (1 week), in dependence with the scale of tested parameters. Usually one week.

The same short time is for heavy metals testing.

We certify

After you will get our testing reports, you can get a certificate to your products.

Do not hesitate making your products visible as certified.

We are active in R&D and innovation

You can rely on our activity connected with recent progress and other expert groups worldwide.