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Zbytková rozpouštědla, VOCs

Volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are residual solvents that may be contained in plant extracts, due to processing (no processing is possible without using solvents).
Analysis of VOCs are provide static headspace by GC-FID. VOCs divides into 3 categories by harmfulness. 1 category are VOCs most harmful to health.

Here you have list of VOCs for analysis (see FDA USP 40, part 467 RESIDUAL SOLVENTS ):

  • 1 category- Benzen (*2 ug/g)
  • 2 category- Acetonitril (*410 ug/g), hexan (*290 ug/g), methanol (*3000 ug/g), toluen *(890 ug/g), xylen (*2170 ug/g)
  • 3 category- Aceton, ethanol, heptan, isopropanol, pentan (generally for the 3 category *5000 ug/g)

* FDA limits