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To assist with the development and customization of individually formulated pharmaceutical products (IPLPs)

Our standards

We apply the highest standards for manufacturing and testing:

  1. OTC products, often marketed as dietary supplements: ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 17025 (testing),
  2. Medicinal substances and preparations that have the highest quality requirements of pharmacopoeias (e.g. ČL (Czech Pharmacopoeia), DAB (Deutsches Arzneibuch), Eur. (European Pharmacopoeia)), and other legislative regulations, often individual to EU countries, to achieve EU-GMP quality.

Overall, we hold these certifications by SÚKL (State institute for drug control):

  1. Pharma testing (GMP, VYR-32),
  2. Pharma manufacturing (GMP VYR 26),
  3. Pharma distribution (GMP, GDP).

Important note:

The great popularity of cannabis in general requires the consistent application of the necessary standards. However, many of them are not universally accepted, so it is essential to communicate local requirements very well. Furthermore, regulatory measures in terms of OPL, especially THC, need to be respected.

Our production rules

  1. We strictly implement any production in a legal manner. We do not carry out production or testing without provable proof of production in accordance to czech legislation.

  2. As a rule, we start from our own plant sources. Where clients have quality plant sources, these may be used but must meet quality specifications, logistics conditions and minimum quantities.

  3. We very consistently meet the requirements of regulatory authorities and certification bodies such as local FDAs, especially where we work in the medicinal cannabis field.

  4. We respect the requirements of DG SANTE for the Novel Foods Directive, although we are not without reservations and believe in a positive shift in its restrictive nature. However, we have implemented the relevant registration steps.

  5. In the absence of standards, we have brought many of our own to validate. We reserve the right to maintain appropriate confidentiality about their details. These procedures do not automatically transfer to ownership of the products produced.

  6. We believe that the maximum effect of plants, including cannabis, comes from their overall composition. Therefore, we prefer, and recommend full spectrum products to our clients.

  7. We switch to isolated forms of active ingredients when warranted.

  8. We combine our manufacturing processes exclusively with our own analytical procedures. Tests carried out by third parties are respected, but are indicative for us.

ISO 9001/HACCP production scheme

  1. Input of the raw material grown. The raw material is dried; the seeds are removed and part of the plant (often the flowers) is cut to the optimum fraction size. The treated raw material is stored in a safe manner (bags, boxes) and kept in a dry place.

  2. The quality of the raw material is tested, the essential procedure being the selection of a representative sample. This is the basis for the pilot production of the crude extract.

  3. The raw extract (RA) is the input to the optimal composition of the product portfolio from a specific plant.

  4. 80% of the crude extracts (RA) must be comprehensively purified. Without this process, PAHs, PCBs, PCDD/Fs, OCPs and other similar substances, often of a non-polar nature, may be present in the extract, especially if the active ingredients are preserved in a non-polar resin. The most common contamination is PAH and PCDD/F (for plants grown as “outdoor”), and we have confirmed cases of PCB or OCP contamination.

  5. Our purified extracts (PE) are the basis for the final production of high quality products.

  6. The produced products are filled into suitable packaging, packaged and distributed to end clients (e.g. via eShop) or handed over for the client’s own distribution.

Scheme of GMP production of medicinal cannabis substances (extracts)

  1. Input of quality raw material, GMP quality. Dried raw material is used, which, if not, is adjusted to the size of the optimal fraction.
  2. The quality of the raw material is tested in the GMP regime, according to established specifications.
  3. A validated process is used to produce the crude extract (RA).
  4. The crude extract is purified in several steps. The degree of purification is selected according to the desired quality/specification of the standardized extract.
  5. The purified extract is prepared for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, in IPLP mode.
  6. IPLP preparations are generally manufactured in pharmacies.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us, write us an e-mail. We will be happy to help you with your needs and answer your questions as soon as possible.